River Transport

Picture showing barge being loaded with spoil from Charlton transfer depot.

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Vehicle Improvements

Tipper lorry showing side under-run bars

As part of our commitment to help improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians in built up areas we have undertaken an extensive programme to improve all our vehicles, as well as the side under-run bars we have also installed side scanners, frenzel lenses and warning signs. 
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The First Bucket Out The Ground – Crossrail Bond Street

Picture Showing a Harlex lorry being loaded by Cementation, this is the first load out the ground on 7th November 2011 the contract will run for 10 months.

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Grout Shaft Construction

Harlex are contracted to remove the spoil produced from the construction of the grout shafts at the eastern and western ticket halls of Bond Street Station.

Attached is a link showing how a grout shaft is constructed.


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New Vehicles

Harlex have recently updated our fleet of vehicles with all lorries now meeting euro 5 emmission standards.

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Changing Places

As part of our commitment to improving the safety of cyclists within London Harlex made a vehicle available for the changes places event which allowed cyclists to change places with the lorry driver and sit in the cab to gain a perspective of what the driver can and can’t see whilst driving through the city.

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