Harlex Adds Fuel Management System

Harlex image (3)


EXPANDING haulier and construction plant specialist Harlex Haulage Services Ltd has added a new dimension to the fuel management of its growing fleet with the installation of a new web-based system from Cameron Forecourt.

Family-owned business Harlex, based in Kent, operates throughout London and the South East providing haulage services  principally to the construction industry by providing licensed waste management services, together with the supply of primary and recycled aggregates.

The company also has a large fleet of hire plant for use mainly on site, including dumpers, shovels, tractors and fork lifts.

With a growing fleet of road-going tipper vehicles and a wide range of plant, the company opted for an all-new fuel management installation to keep close control over fuel supplies stored on site at its base in Rochester.

The turnkey package from Cameron Forecourt includes an Eclipse web-based fuel management system linked to a single diesel pump to provide up to the minute information on fuel drawings, wetstock levels and fuelling information for all its vehicles.

Information is fed to the system automatically via on-board vehicles ID tags and a nozzle-based  DervPoint automatic vehicle recognition (AVR) module which ensure that only authorised vehicles and drivers can draw fuel.

The DervPoint system uses a tag with a unique code which is attached on or near the vehicle fuel filler to communicate with a transponder mounted on the fuel nozzle. Information is then passed to the fuel island controller via an RF link, which allows fuelling to commence once a “positive ID” is received.

Further information on stock levels in the company’s bulk storage tank(s) is provided by extremely accurate TLS Gilbarco Veeder Root electronic tank gauging which is integrated into the fuel management package.

The Eclipse system ensure that Information is available round the clock by allowing authorised staff to access a central server via GPS from any internet browser using a secure username and password. It can also provide email alerts of irregularities, such as possible fuel leaks or theft.

The Cameron Forecourt installation replaces an outdated system and provides Harlex with faster refuelling, increased security, better management of fuel and professional wetstock control.

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